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88% of target customers prefer Ecomtent's AI Generated listings - SiliSlick Case Study

Discover how a 6-figure Amazon Seller is using Ecomtent's next generation AI for Ecommerce to maximize their amazon listing visibility and improve amazon conversion.

Ecomtent's AI Generated lifestyle image

SiliSlick is a family owned and operated business, hailing from the heart of New York City. They started selling on Amazon in 2014, and through their focus on innovation and product quality, have grown into a 6-figure seller today and one of the leaders in the highly competitive cooking knives category.

Despite their laser focus on the quality of the knives themselves, pioneering innovations such as Rainbow Titanium Coated blades (seen in an Ecomtent AI product image, right), Founder Leonard has struggled with translating this unique quality into high quality images & infographics. "We've worked a lot with VAs and Freelancers off Fivver in the past, but its hard to find a good one who produces consistent results. And when you do, managing two or three VAs becomes frustratingly time consuming in itself".

Ecomtent changes this. With Ecomtent, Leonard is able to create high-quality lifestyle images, Amazon infographics, and optimized copy including relevant keywords in a few clicks via Ecomtent's ecommerce automation. "We first came across Max and Ecomtent via a recommendation from another seller the ASGTG community. I can't recommended it high enough. It's really a mandatory Amazon Seller Software in 2024, extremely intuitive and easy to use", Leonard says.

The results themselves speak volumes. Not only do A/B tests show that 88% of target customers prefer Ecomtent's AI Generated listings vs what Silislick had before (see below), improving Amazon conversion, but also the discoverability has improved. "Ecomtent's AI Generated lifestyle images and infographics are not only beautiful, but due to their A product listings optimization we are now on page one on Amazon on our key search term of "titanium kitchen knife", which is massive for us" said Leonard. "Having sold on Amazon since 2013, I've felt the painful impact of search algorithm changes, and I know that Amazon's AI powered Search promises to be the most disruptive one yet. Working with Ecomtent gives me more peace of mind that we won't be de-indexed over night".

Customer A/B testing of Silislick Listings before and after Ecomtent

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Ecomtent Generated Infographics

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