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Customer Testimonial - Su Wai

Su is an entrepreneur, business owner and Amazon seller. Watch her testimonial of how Ecomtent has made her life easier through our propriety AI and market leading ecommerce automation.

Su Wai first become an ecommerce seller in 2020 when her physical business was shut down due to the pandemic, and now is a high 6-figure seller across household, baby, and toy categories. She sells on Amazon, Etsy and Shopify, with Amazon makes up the majority of her revenue. She also has a keen interest in technology and AI, and looks to stay of her competition through leveraging the latest technologies.

Su used Ecomtent's multichannel management and ecommerce automation to AI Generate Product Images, Amazon Infographics, and Optimized amazon listings. She saw an uplift in Amazon conversion, whilst saving significant cost, using our ecommerce listing software.

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