Walmart Launches LLM Based Search experience

Walmart has taken a bold step towards a new future of ecommerce by integrating an AI-powered large language model search experience on its online platforms

Walmart recently announced at CES 2024 an expansion of its conversational AI capabilities using OpenAI's GPT-4, providing the next generation of AI ecommerce experience. This integration of generative AI represents a major advancement in optimizing the retailer's digital shopping experience through natural language, and stealing a march on competitors such as Amazon and Ebay.

According to Desirée Gosby, VP of emerging tech at Walmart, "Generative AI like GPT-4 will be as big a shift as mobile in how customers interact with us." Gosby explains that GPT-4 builds on top of large language models to create retail-specific natural language understanding.

The goal is anticipating customer needs by leveraging AI, while ensuring responsible implementation. Gosby said "We focus on building a natural language understanding capability that is retail-specific." Walmart now has over 20 conversational AI experiences, including a chatbot used by over 1 million associates. GPT-4 moves beyond task-based bots like Walmart / Amazon listing optimization, allowing more expressive, problem-based interactions.

Key benefits of the new search experience for customers include:

  • Expanded features like Text to Shop, allowing customers to add items just by typing or speaking.
  • Enhanced customer experiences via more intuitive conversations when searching for products. This will help surface more relevant products, and improve conversion vs the shopper Amazon conversion experience.
  • An entirely new way of search of by job rather than by product, e.g. if you are hosting a party, you can search "products for a party" and let the AI curate the products across categories that could be useful.

This launch signals Walmart's embrace of AI-powered retail. Similarly, sellers should look at improving their own internal processes by using AI for ecommerce automation tools such as Ecomtent for generating product images, a+ content, and feed management as well as managing ecommerce channels for multichannel ecommerce experiences to not just generate Amazon and Walmart but also eBay listing templates.

AI search on ecommerce platforms boosts the relevancy of AI tools like ai product image generator and Amazon infographics generators to have optimized listings that are easily discovered by customers. Sellers can also utilize Amazon listing software, eBay listing optimization tools, and marketplace integrations to efficiently manage and optimize listings across channels.

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