Free Amazon COSMO Audit - Test how your ASIN will rank on Amazon's new Algorithim, a free tool by Ecomtent, reviews ASINs for compliance with Amazon's new COSMO algorithm, offering recommendations to enhance listing effectiveness and align them with customer intent

Amazon COSMO is Amazon's new search ranking system. Rather than the traditional A9 methodology of ranking primarily on keywords, it comprehends user intentions from vast amounts of behaviour data, creating detailed knowledge graphs that reflect how customers think and interact. By integrating these insights into search and recommendation systems, COSMO helps make e-commerce platforms more intelligent and user-friendly, providing more accurate and personalized search results. You can read more about what COSMO is here, and our founder Max's thoughts on what it's impact means for Sellers here.

AMZ COSMO Audit is a free specialized GPT built by Ecomtent designed to review Amazon ASINs for their compliance with the COSMO algorithm. It assesses visual content, written content, and Q&As on product listings, offering scores and recommendations to enhance their effectiveness. Simply paste in a weblink to your ASIN to understand how to optimize your listings based on COSMO's principles, and get tips to ensure they are engaging, informative, and aligned with customer needs, ultimately improving their performance on Amazon's platform.

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