Amazon FBA fee changes for 2024

Amazon announced 2024 FBA fee changes including new inbound fees, lowered outbound rates, inventory level charges, and storage reductions.

Amazon recently announced coming changes to their FBA fees starting in 2024. Key adjustments include new inbound placement fees ($0.27 per standard-sized unit and $1.58 per Large Bulky unit), lowered outbound fees (dropped $0.20 per standard-sized unit), inventory level fees for low stock, and storage cost reductions ($0.09/cubic foot monthly decrease). Additional changes involve referral fee decreases (from 17% to 5% for sub-$15 apparel), aged inventory increases for long-term storage, and returns processing expansions. See a summary here (thank you to our partners Getida for sharing!)

Apart from the standard inflationary increases, there seems to be a strategic response to Temu's rising popularity with referral fees for apparel products priced under $15 slashed from 17% to 5%.

Amazon's fee hikes will challenge profit margins, but at Ecomtent we are redoubling our focus to leverage AI software to enable customers to adapt. Amazon listing optimization driving higher conversion will become more crucial than ever, as high quality Amazon product photography and Amazon infographics help capture buyers attention, while our conversion-focused Amazon seller software optimizes for conversion to boost sales. Our goal is to enable affordable automation through AI to ensure customers can sustain profitability despite rising fees. We remain intensely committed to customers' bottom lines.

See Amazon's announcement here.

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