Get ready for the Halloween ecommerce surge!

This October, leverage AI to boost your ecommerce sales for Halloween. With festive shoppers spending over $11 billion in the US, it's prime time to attract their attention with Ecomtent's AI to easily generate product images and infographics to optimize your Amazon listings.

Halloween - one of the key events on the ecommerce calendar 🎃

It's October, and the eerie winds of Halloween are creeping in. This festive season witnesses a surge in ecommerce sales, with consumers shelling out over $11 billion in the US alone in 2022 on costumes, decorations, candies, and more. If your inventory boasts items that Halloween enthusiasts desire (or items that can be Halloween-themed), now is the golden hour to amplify your sales with pertinent content.

Constructing Halloween-centric images and infographics for product listings or social media can be a game-changer for ecommerce enterprises aiming to seize the attention of spooky season celebrants. With Ecomtent’s AI, generating tailor-made content that resonates with Halloween aficionados becomes a breeze. In this piece, we unveil some guiding lights for crafting AI-powered images and infographics aligned with the Halloween theme.

AI Product Lifestyle images 🎃

Before creating a prompt, briefly visualize the output image in your mind. Consider the size and position of your product, and adjust advanced settings accordingly. For example, increase the product resize to 100% to make it the focus, or shrink it to 20-40% to give the AI space to generate a lifestyle setting. Then create a prompt describing the scene. Here are some examples to spark your imagination:

- [product] on a wooden table, with carved pumpkins illuminating a haunted house in the backdrop.
- [product] on a porch on a moonlit night[product] on a porch on a moonlit night, with children wearing halloween costumes
- [product] in a hallway, with a creepy witch, beckoning with mist,[product] on a wooden table alongside a cauldron, broomstick, and witch hat.
Halloween essentials, witchy vibes.
- [product] next to a child in a ghost costume, holding a candy-filled bag.
- product], with a pair of black cats and bats with background of twilight sky.
- A close-up shot of [product] adjacent to a goblet of blood.[product] positioned amidst cobwebs and spiders in a spooky attic setting.
- [product] on a porch, with zombies on a moonlit night.
- [product] next to a witch making a potion in her lair.
- [product] beside a werewolf howling at the full moon atop a desolate hill.

See examples below and use code SPOOKY10 for 10% off at checkout to create your own!

AI Generated infographics🎃

In addition to lifestyle images, infographics are another powerful visual marketing asset for Halloween. Ecomtent boasts has 1,000s of Halloween-themed backgrounds you can use with your AI Generated infographics, which take seconds to generate. See a two minute how-to-video here.

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