Ecomtent presents on Techstars Demo Day - future of Ecommerce in partnership with Ebay

Ecomtent graduates Techstars future of ecommerce accelerator, taking the two key lessons of understanding the job we do customers' needs, and focusing on business fundamentals.

Last week was an incredible way to round off a transformational few months on Techstars with our demo day. See our 1 minute pitch below:

My takeaway from the program were twofold:

Firstly, to really understand the Job we do for customers. As Bob Moesta put it in his workshop, this is about understanding what progress customers are trying to make, where they want to go, and what causes them to go there. Getting to the depth of understanding needed is not simple - it took two months, 25 interviews, mapping decision the push, pull, habits and anxieties in customers' purchasing decisions, and pulling out key themes from all the various job statements.

Secondly, as Maelle Gavet eloquently summarised in her 2023 end-of-year letter, a strong focus on business fundamentals above all else. She spoke about building "Dragons", companies that are "tenacious, yet nimble... build genuine defensive moats, keep a tight grip on spending, and reach profitability quickly". This comes from a combination of having a 'digital twin' of your business that is Troy Henikoff's financial model, and a clear focus on a maximum of three objectives as per Mert Hilmi Iseri's advice. To achieve these business fundamentals, ecommerce companies need to optimize every aspect of their operations. This starts with optimizing Amazon listings for search and conversion through keyword targeting, quality product photography and infographics, and compelling a+ content.

Automation tools like Ecomtent's multichannel ecommerce software can help significantly with Amazon listing optimization, Amazon product photography using ai product image generators, managing ecommerce channels, and leveraging eBay listing templates across products. These types of ecommerce automation and ecommerce merchandising tools streamline feed management, marketplace integrations, listing optimization, and product content at scale. The result is higher conversion on sites like Amazon and eBay through optimized listings, product images generated by ai, and impactful content. Focusing on these ecommerce fundamentals allows brands to build sustainable, profitable businesses across multichannel ecommerce.

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